Our Team

As a child and young teenager, Tamara used to confront adults on how they treated animals and nature – be it local farmers, school teachers or neighbours.

She spoke in front of her classmates about the fate of moon bears in bile farms, went from house to house to collect money for an animal welfare organisation and tried to free dogs from abusive owners.


At some point on the way of becoming an adult herself, she became more silent though.

Too discouraged, overwhelmed and frustrated with reality to continue raising a voice that nobody seemed to be listening to anyway.

In 2021, several very moving experiences of deep reconnection to nature along with some eye-opening conversations, a book and an inspiring course by the Pachamama Alliance eventually led to a reawakening:

She remembered who she was as a child and started thinking about how the profession she had learned as an adult could lead her back on her path.

By studying a Masters in Conference Interpreting, she had made it her job to connect people who speak different languages.

She knew about the unequal access to interpreting services at events like the UN Climate Change Conference, about indigenous people all over the world denied of an international voice because of language barriers and she heard of environmental initiatives that would gain a much wider impact if they could cooperate with peers from other countries and regions.

An idea was born.

Quickly after sharing her vision with her friends and fellow interpreters Armando and Marta, they founded Eco Interpreters together.

As an interpreter, Tamara facilitates oral communication in exchanges that require the following language combinations:

Spanish <> German

Spanish <> English

German <> English