Motivational speeches

The youth non-profit organisation Force of Nature conducted a survey among more than 500 students in 52 countries. The aim of this survey was to collect data on the state of eco-anxiety amongst young people in the world. 

The results showed that more than 70% of the participants experienced a feeling of hopelessness when they thought about climate change. 

Our mission is to help reducing these feelings of hopelessness by presenting students with already existing solutions to climate change and inspire them to find their own way of contributing to the implementation of those solutions and create new ones. 

We speak to students at schools and universities and bring them the stories of young relatable people and initiatives that are taking impactful steps (like Boyan Slat and his foundation The Ocean Cleanup).

Moreover, we explain the concept of regenerative economy and introduce practical examples of regenerative businesses that are already creating the change that our Earth needs.

The message is: There is hope. We can still make it. Another way of doing things is possible and there are thousands of people all over the world using their passion, personal skills and creativity to make it happen. You can choose to be part of it. You can choose to become a changemaker.