Our Team

Marta was just 4 years old when her parents started to talk to her about the importance of recycling, preserving resources and avoiding unnecessary waste.

At night, her dad would sit with her in front of three bins of different colours and teach her where each product should go.

Having studied at a school located on a mountain, even if she loves the city, her teachers made students aware of the need to protect our planet.

She often remembers her teacher Rubén teaching them how to build houses for the birds and how the solar panels at school worked, that time when each student was allowed to bring their pet to school or harvesting their own vegetables in the garden when they were in elementary school.

Now, Marta tries to avoid using private transport as much as possible, consumes organic products grown by local producers and is very interested on slow fashion.

She was also pretty young when she decided she wanted to become a conference interpreter, discovering her passion for this profession when she was just 12 years old.

After having completed her Bachelor’s degree on Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada, where she first met Tamara, her Masters on Conference Interpreting at the University of La Laguna and having spent several years abroad, where she met Armando, she feels the need and responsibility of contributing to the defence of our home and its resources:

She believes that giving voice to those who want to fight against pollution, climate change, land grabbing, deforestation, scarcity of resources and intensive farming through her job is the best way of doing her bit.

That’s why she decided to join her friends and colleagues Tamara and Armando, co-founding Eco Interpreters together.

As an interpreter, Marta facilitates oral communication in exchanges that require the following language combinations:

English <> Spanish

French > Spanish

Basque > Spanish

German > Spanish