Joan Manel García

Born in the vibrant city of Barcelona and raised amidst the rich cultural heritage of Córdoba in Andalusia, Joan has always had a deep appreciation for both art and technology. From a young age, he was drawn to the intersection of creativity and innovation, finding joy in programming and crafting technological experiences that bridge the gap between the two.

Currently, Joan dedicates his skills to supporting an association that focuses on environmental preservation and promoting equal communication between diverse communities. In this role, he handles all web-related and technological processes, streamlining communication among team members, collaborators, and donors.

Joan firmly believes in the power of technology to make a positive impact on society, whether on a local or global scale. He is passionate about leveraging his technical expertise to create solutions that drive meaningful change.

The mission of the association resonates deeply with Joan, who is committed to fighting for a just and honest cause. This drive stems from a belief in the importance of preserving the planet and advocating for equal communication rights without discrimination.

Joan’s dedication to using technology for social good underscores his belief that innovation can and should be a force for positive transformation in the world.

Web Designer

IT Support

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