Our Team

Being born and raised in a small agricultural town of no more than 1600 inhabitants in the South of Spain, Armando’s connection to nature has always been strong and resilient.

He comes from a family whose main livelihood relies on olive groves farming. For him, water and soil are more than two elements; they mean safety, life, tradition and family.

That is why, already as a child, he became more and more concerned about the impacts of climate change:

Terrible droughts and long heat waves during summer and heavy frosts in winter were and continue to be a threat to the olive groves that his family had been tirelessly growing for generations.

What does climate change mean for Armando, his family and his hometown?

It means poverty, broken dreams and empty promises…

Inspired by close friends, such as Tamara Cortés, he then realised that he cannot simply rely on other people to change unfair situations.

Change only comes by leading by example and inspiring others around you.

This mindset led him to become a vegetarian, local climate activist and a strong advocate for animal and LGBTIQ+ rights.

He is convinced that full equality will only be real once everybody in our societies becomes aware of the privileges that our species, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, among others, give us.

Now, thanks to Eco Interpreters and his qualification on Conference Interpreting, he is able to take his activism to a new dimension.

He is using his skills and the inherited responsibility of protecting our crops to help other communities in the same situation to communicate, exchange ideas and create common projects.

During last year, he has interpreted for Greenpeace International, Global Greens and Sanitation and Water for All becoming increasingly aware that those who contribute the less to climate change are those who are suffering the worst consequences.

That is why he has adopted a full commitment with accountability, indigenous rights, climate justice and reparations.

As an interpreter, Armando facilitates oral communication in exchanges that require the following language combinations:

English <> Spanish

German > Spanish