About Us



The planet we call home is facing unprecedent challenges.

Our oceans, our rivers, our forests, the beautiful variety of animals and plants that populates the diverse ecosystems of the Earth, our own health and the future of millions of people – all of it is facing a highly critical moment in history.

It is understandable and human to be scared and worried. We all are.

But things are not lost yet. We, the human beings alive at this very moment in history, are the last generation with a real chance to change things. There is still much hope if we unite and act together as a global community.


All over the world, brave and courageous individuals are responding to a collective call to action. The number of allies willing to actively step up for our Earth is growing every day.

Eco Interpreters is a volunteer-led non-profit organisation that was born to ensure that the voices of those individuals are heard – irrespective of their native language.

As professional conference interpreters, we are language and communication specialists and our organisation puts these skills in the service of the global movement for climate and environmental action.


Connecting environmental advocates across languages and cultures

Inspiring and catalysing
people to find their
own unique way of taking action

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Solidarity Interpreting

We build bridges between environmental advocates that speak different languages by providing solidarity interpreting services during their gatherings and meetings.

Multilingual Speeches on Climate Related Topics

We give speeches, webinars and workshops about topics related to the environment, climate change and regenerative entrepreneurship, and inspire people to find their own way of contributing to a brighter future for our planet.