We connect environmental advocates

across languages and cultures

About Us

All over the world, brave and courageous individuals are responding to a collective call to action. The number of allies willing to actively step up for our Earth is growing every day.

Eco Interpreters is a volunteer-led non-profit organisation that was born to ensure that the voices of those individuals are heard – irrespective of their native language.

As professional conference interpreters, we are language and communication specialists and our organisation puts these skills in the service of the global movement for climate and environmental action.

eco-conscious professional interpreters

What We Do

We build bridges between environmental advocates that speak different languages by providing solidarity interpreting services during their gatherings and meetings.

We help young eco-conscious people establish an international network of like-minded peers. For this purpose, we organise online conferences between two or more schools from different countries in which students can exchange their thoughts and ideas and inspire each other to take environmental and climate action.

We speak to students about already existing solutions to climate change and inspire them to find their own way of contributing to the implementation of those solutions and create new ones.

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